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Series in Luke

In this verse by verse examination of the gospel of Luke, Wade focuses in on the person and work of Jesus Christ and how any sinner who trusts Christ and receives Him as Lord will learn how to live life to its fullest. Luke and Live!

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White Knuckling - with Abraham Wright

“White Knuckling: How to loosen your grip in a fleeting world” is a two-week series from Abraham Wright. Abe shares, "Throughout the series we will discuss financial giving. Many of us are good in a lot of areas in our life but when it comes to how we invest our money, we don't pay much attention to it. Even though our financial giving may go unnoticed by most people, I believe it can be one of the healthiest things we learn to do as a follower of Christ. My hope for you and me throughout our series is to see our giving as a part of being a healthy Christian.”

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We Are Family

We Are Family: A Study of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10

This 16-week study explores the spread of nations around this world through Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and why the account from Genesis 10 should be trusted as human history and not human legend.

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The Light Has Come

This five-week series focuses on the "Light" that came to earth at Christmas.

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The Minor Prophets

See and Say "Christ is All": A Study of the Twelve Minor Prophets

This study will look at each one of the minor prophets showing the truth of Christ as depicted in each one.

  • Lesson One: An Overview of the Minor Prophets
  • Lesson Two: Hosea - God Marries the Unfaithful
  • Lesson Three: Joel - God Delivers the Broken
  • Lesson Four: Amos - God Forgives the Repentant
  • Lesson Five: Obadiah - God Judges the Unrighteous
  • Lesson Six: Jonah - God Pursues His Own
  • Lesson Seven: Micah - God Reveals What Is Good
  • Lesson Eight: Nahum - God Is Good
  • Lesson Nine: Habakkuk - God Gives Life
  • Lesson Ten: Zephaniah - God Warns the Careless
  • Lesson Eleven: Haggai - God Chooses Us
  • Lesson Eleven: Zechariah - God Is Coming
  • Lesson Thirteen: Malachi - God Loves Us
  • Lesson Fourteen: An Afterword of the Minor Prophets
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The Two Covenants

This study will show the differences between the Old Testament and the New Testament, and how one had an Old Covenant that has faded away, and the other has a New or Everlasting Covenant that was foreshadowed in the Old and fulfilled in Christ. When a Christian understands the importance of, differences in, and results from the TWO Covenants, that Christian understands the Bible.


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Written on our Hearts

For the person who has come to faith in Christ, the commandments of God are "written on the heart." The Old Covenant 10 Commandments have been replaced by indwelling Spirit of God. The Spirit of the Lord goes far further in leading His people to holiness than the Stones of Law. This series on the 10 Commandments will help you see the difference between Old and New Covenant law.

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Genesis is the foundational book of the Bible, and how a Christian views Genesis determines how he views the rest of the Scriptures. 

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The Tabernacle: Drawing Close to God

The study of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness shows us how we can develop a closer, more intimate walk with God based upon our knowledge the Tabernacle and how it represents His love for us in Christ.

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Esther: For Such a Time as This

"In a day when people are fearful of government, loss of liberties, foreign enemies, estherand financial and economic disaster, this study from Esther will remind us that God's people throughout history have always been under pressure -- but in the end, God always wins."

This is a verse by verse study of the wonderful and historical book of Esther


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Portraits of Grace: The Beauty of Christ in the Feasts of Israel

Portraits of Grace provide scriptural insights into our Savior. This is especially evidenced in this series as we see “The Beauty of Christ in the Feasts of Israel.”

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The Delight of Daniel

A chapter by chapter exposition of the greatest prophetical book in Scripture. Daniel looks forward to the coming of the King of Kings and foretells events leading up to Christ's birth in startling detail. Enjoy a study that Wade Burleson considers one of his favorites of all times.

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When a child of God begins running from God, like Jonah did, God will eventually overtake and turn His people around. Though the stories and narratives are different for each of us, the process and principles through which God turns leads us back to Him are the same. This study on Jonah is helpful for all who find themselves far from God.

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Simeon's Prayer

This Christmas series examines the life and testimony of a man who longed for the coming of the Messiah and what happened when he first saw Him.

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The Sermon on the Mount

When there is a King with a people, it is wise for the King to lay out the laws of the Kingdom. The sermon on the mountain explains to Christ's followers New Covenant living.

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The Seven “I Wills” of Christ

When Christ said, "I will," his declarative statement was far different than ours. While we may be willing, there are times we are unable. Not so with Christ. The seven "I wills" of Christ are tried and true guaranteed promises for the believer, for He who promised He would is both willing and able. We might be willing but without power or ability. This study helps you rest in Christ alone.

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The Seven Last Sayings of Christ

Last Words are important, and in this study we will examine the seven last statements of Jesus before His death. His words will bring encouragement and comfort to His people.

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Romans: The Integrity of God

This New Testament book is foundational to an understanding of what it means to have right standing before God because of faith, and not works. The doctrine of justification is the foundation of the good news, and Romans explains the doctrine better than any other New Testament book.

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This letter to the Christians in Ephesus contains some of the foundational doctrines of Christianity and is a wonderful study for those desiring to be rooted and built up in the love of God for His people. 

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This book of joy is filled with little proverbs that encourage the believer to face life’s trials with confidence, enthusiasm and hope.

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Hebrews: From Shadow to Substance

Hebrews is a transitional book between the Old Covenant practices of the Jews and the freedom of New Covenant Christianity. The Old Covenant had the gospel in shadows and types, and Hebrews shows how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment, goal and substance of the Old Covenant, thus the title of the series is From Shadow to Substance.

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1 Corinthians 13: Love Never Fails

This is one of Wade’s favorite series in thirty years of teaching. It covers just one chapter but looks in detail at the characteristic mark of a follower of Jesus Christ: love for others. 

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Martin Luther once surmised that James should never have been part of the canon. Pastor Wade disagrees and shows how justification is all by grace through faith, but a grace that justifies through faith also works, for challenges us to “show my faith by my works.”

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I John: The Christian and Complete Joy

John wrote his letter that those who read it might learn what it means to have real fellowship with God and make John's joy complete. Of all the letters in the New Testament, I John is probably one of the best for new Christians to study.

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Jude is a general warning about those who pervert the grace of God by advocating their freedom to sin since God's grace had freed them from the consequences of sin. Jude cautions followers of Christ to be on guard against those who pervert God's saving grace into licentiousness.

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Revelation Revealed

Learn how John unveiled the glory and beauty of a reigning Christ to encourage Christians undergoing persecution in the first century A.D. If you have ever been confused by those who tell you Revelation talks about the end of the world, learn in simple and clear biblical language how John prophesies the end of the Old Covenant and encourages Christians with an understanding of the eternal reign of Christ's kingdom.

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"How to Fight" and "What to Fight For" with Abraham Wright

Have you ever watched your favorite sports team win a close game? If so, you probably felt your blood pressure rising and the tension overtaking your body.

Now, imagine months later watching that same game.

Your experience would be drastically different because you already know the outcome: your team wins!

As followers of Christ, God has already shown us in the Bible that we will win in the end. This promised victory should empower us to fight.

In this four-part series Abraham Wright teaches from Scripture “How to Fight From Victory” and “What To Fight For.”

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Eternal Reward and Judgments

“Eternal Reward and Punishments” is a series designed to show how the Bible seems to indicate that the reward of every believer equal and eternal (based on the full obedience of Christ on our behalf), while the punishments of the wicked are varied and temporal based upon the personal disobedience of each person who dies without Christ. This could be one of the most freeing series you have ever attended, because it is based on the pure grace of God in Christ.

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Community Matters

A four-week look at the importance of community in a healthy church.

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The One Thing God Requires

The Bible says “Without faith it is impossible to please God,” and this series examines the importance of the believer trusting God—not just at conversion, but in daily living as well.

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The Difference Christ Makes

This study examines those passages of Scripture that describe the transformation that takes place in the life of the person who comes to faith in Christ. 

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The Long Reach of Your Speech

This sixteen weeks series helps us understand that the words we speak can be dangerous and destructive or powerful and edifying. The series profiles eight Pierces of Swords, what the Bible identifies as destructive speech, and eight Apples of Gold what the Bible calls words "aptly spoken."

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Witness for the Defense: An Introduction to Apologetics with Dr. Matt Miles

Dr. Matt Miles leads a 4-week study on apologetics.

 Week One: Discovering the Task of Apologetics
     What is it all about anyway?

Week Two: Determining the Truth Claims of Apologetics, Part I
     What are good arguments to use?
     -Concerning the Existence of God
     -Concerning Divine Creation

Week Three: Determining the Truth Claims of Apologetics, Part II
     -Concerning the Reliability of Scripture
     -Concerning the Deity of Jesus

Week Four: Developing the Tactics of Apologetics
     How do I gain a hearing with others?

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Christian Apologetics with Paul Vicars

Throughout its history, Christianity has faced challenges both internal and external. These challenges have been the tools used by the Holy Spirit to shape the doctrines we believe, the traditions we maintain, and even the very books we hold to be divinely inspired. Today's challenges are in some ways the same as those Christians have answered throughout history, but in other ways they are new. In this study we will look both at ways to defend our faith, as well as challenge those views that are hostile toward it. In the end, the goal is that we finish the study with a better understanding of how Christianity fits into other disciplines such as philosophy, science, and history. But more importantly we will walk away with a greater confidence in our ability to answer the challenges that keep people from faith.

This series is taught by Paul Vickers.

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EBC Awaken web"Awaken" is a four-week series leading up to Easter 2015.

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12 Days

12 Days Logo Transperancy

An ancient song called In These 12 Days, sometimes called The Dial, takes "12 Days" to explain the major principles of the good news. In 1780 this song was adapted into what you know as The 12 Days of Christmas. In this series, Wade Burleson shows the gospel in all 12 Days of Christmas.

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We Are the Church

Missions Month 2015We Are the Church

From the martyrdom of missionaries in China to the streets of New York to the history of Sunday School and a vision for our community ... we ARE the church.

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Soul Talk

The focus of this series is to learn how to speak – and hear – words of life for the soul.

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The Kisses of Life

Pastor Wade takes us through a biblical survey of every occasion a kiss is mentioned in the Bible. In this interesting and informative study one begins to see the impact of the Psalmist words, “Kiss the Son, lest He be angry.”

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Sketches from Christian History

This series provides an overview of Christian history beginning with the early church and continuing into the modern era.

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Happiness in What I Am

A series of lessons on Christian contentment.

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Knowing God

This five message series examines how God is spirit and is neither male nor female, but possesses all the qualities of the masculine and the feminine, and both the man and the woman are created in His image.

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Special Sermons

These sermons don't fit into any of our series, so we have compiled those individual messages into this group.

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Celebrating Christ the King

"Celebrating Christ the King" is a five-week Christmas series focusing on the reason God came to earth at Bethlehem.

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Singing the Theology of Christmas

In this special Christmas series walk back through time and learn the circumstances surrounding the writing of some of your favorite Christmas hymns. 

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Who Is This Christ of Christmas?

The baby Jesus seen in holiday seasonal windows is actually the Incarnate God who is the eternal King of Kings. In this Christmas series learn exactly who the Scriptures say Jesus Christ really is.

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My Favorite Christmas Sermons

Pastor Wade takes a look at four of his favorite sermons on coming of the Anointed One.

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The Purpose Driven God

This five-week series examines the purpose behind Christ's coming to earth.

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The Christ We Know

In this series Pastor Wade looks at the five names given to Christ in Isaiah 9:6 - Wonderful, Counselor, etc.

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The Burdens and Blessings of Brokenness

This two message series leads us to examine the purpose behind brokenness and the blessings that result.

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Guest Speakers

On various occasions, it is our privilege to hear from guest speakers throughout the year.

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