"It's all about Him."
The Production Team serves several roles at Emmanuel Enid. They include audio, lighting, video, and staging.

Every Sunday morning, we have the privilege of fulfilling our mission of Loving God and Strengthening People through our time together. If you have attended one of our services or events, our hope is that you were able to experience a time of encouragement and celebration!

The Production Team works in the background, making sure all the components work together for our events. We are a team comprised of people just like you, volunteering of their gifts and time, that make everything we do possible.

If you’re interested in joining the Production Team, you don’t need any specialized training. We provide that! You only need a desire to serve, and a willingness to become part of a unique community of people.

For more information about the Production Team, please contact .
2505 W. Garriott580-237-0602