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Connect With Us!

Connecting at Emmanuel has never been easier! Youth, kids, missions, Community Groups... we’ve got something for everyone! 



Emmanuel Christian School prepares students for life by teaching a biblical worldview which emphasizes character development and academic excellence to the glory of God. More info here!


At Emmanuel, we are passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally. Click here to learn more information on our mission efforts!


Worship Arts

We sing the ABCs when we are children, along with many other songs to help us memorize important information. We use music to help us cope with, relate to, and express our emotions. Music therapists encourage touching and playing instruments as a scientifically proven way to cope with difficult seasons of life. In this modern age, many people use video and the technical arts in order to understand, teach, and connect with those around the world. Why would we not use music and the technical arts in our Christian faith for the very same reasons? Read more here.

Student Ministry

The Emmanuel Enid Youth ministry is a time set aside for students between the grades of 6-12. We have many goals we want to achieve during this time: we want to teach the bible holistically and clearly so that students are motivated to study the Word on their own! Click here for more info on our Student Ministry.


E2 Kids

E2Kids Ministry is dedicated to partnering with parents of babies through elementary children in raising godly boys and girls. Our goal is to teach children who God is with biblical truths and how children can live for Christ. More information on E2 Kids here!

Community Groups

It's our desire that every member and regular attendee of the Emmanuel Enid congregation will worship regularly with the congregation, serve as God has gifted and called them, and be connected to a smaller community group within Emmanuel Enid for the purpose of Connection, Growth, and Service. More information here.


Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is for anyone experiencing Hurts, Habits, and Hang-ups which need to be addressed. Learn more about CR here!

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