"Go and tell the world..."
Emmanuel Enid is committed to missions at home and around the world. This includes financial support as well as specific mission trips and outreach activities. Missions activities represent a continuum of planning, going, and reporting that continues year round. Our desire is to see people come to faith in Jesus Christ and to experience His love.

In addition to our alignment with the Southern Baptist Convention and their two mission agencies for and missions, Emmanuel has adopted several specific mission points with which we are integrally involved around the world. Indirectly, Emmanuel is also involved in countless other projects around the world as we help members and non-members alike follow God's call to missions. If you feel the call to go to the mission field (near or far) we would love to visit with you and help you find your best "fit" among our many opportunities.

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Niger is ranked by the United Nations as one of the poorest nations in the world. Throughout the year, we sponsor multiple trips to Niger where we are involved in many aspects of the work of Hosanna Institute of the Sahel led by Yacouba & Renaté Seydou. Hosanna meets the need of the people first, and as they demonstrate God's love for the people of Niger, the door continues to swing open for them to share the Gospel of Christ. Emmanuel has been actively involved in Niger through medical missions and water-well drilling. Clean water is essential to life and health, and drilling wells has made it possible for our teams to be involved in providing water for entire villages of people. Our medical teams have conducted village clinics and had the opportunity to treat prisoners in the national prison. In addition, they have provided training seminars on infant resuscitation. Niger mission teams primarily draw from our adult membership but older youth have been included. Specific needs are for medical team members, water drilling team members, and support teams.



Our church has partnered with the Integro Foundation in supporting a women's ministry reaching those affected by addictions, homelessness, and domestic violence. We were instrumental in providing funding for work on a shelter for this ministry. In addition, our church is partnering with an evangelistic internet/media ministry in the Katowice/Gliwice area of Poland. Mission team members have traveled to Poland to minister to poor, rural teens by conducting English camps. These camps are popular in Poland and provide an opportunity to share the gospel, life experiences, sight-seeing and American culture with needy kids. We have partnered with Polish teenage Christians, a Polish church and an ACSI partner school. Our ministry in Poland is designed to incorporate teams of both adults and students.

The americas


Over several trips we have partnered with Pastor Efrain and Lupe Juarez in the rural, mountainous communities of Guatemala. As part of our mission efforts there, we host Vacation Bible School for the children, organize youth activities with area teens, preach the Gospel in Spanish at local churches, deliver care packages to numerous underprivileged families, conduct door-to-door evangelism in conjunction with local churches, and engage in simple construction projects. Our mission teams in Guatemala are made up of students and adults.

(YWAM) Youth with a Mission

Emmanuel partners with FJ Ministries and Youth With A Mission through the work of Bryan and Tara Riley at the University of the Nations in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (www.uofnkona.edu) and around the world. The Rileys focus on marriage and family ministries in the context of international missions, mobilizing families from around the world to go to the Nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Helping men and women rise up to their call as husbands, wives, mothers and fathers, and as followers of Jesus who will go to the Nations is the focus of the Family Discipleship Training School pioneered and led by the Rileys. Their vision is to see an end to divorce in the Body of Christ and an end to Bible poverty around the world. Dozens of families have been trained for work in full-time missions and ministry from approximately 20 nations, and families have been mobilized to ministry work in the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, India, the Philippines, China, South Africa, Uganda, Germany, Norway, England, Tajikistan, and the Marshall Islands.

New York City

New York City Metropolitan Baptist Association is one of our newer mission points. We have long been involved with Graffiti Ministries. We are now expanding beyond Graffiti to become involved with Global Outreach (West African Outreach, which partners nicely with our efforts in Niger), and Susan Fields with Collegiate NE. Pastor John recently attended the 40th anniversary reunion celebration and presented a donation from Emmanuel Enid toward the ever expanding work in New York.

Mission Arlington

Each year over Spring Break, our students head south to Arlington, TX, where, through partnership with Mission Arlington, they are able to assist with VBS at various low income apartment complexes, and help with clean-up at different locations.

Forgotten Ministries

A local ministry supported by our church, Forgotten Ministries motto is "the church has left the building," and that is what their ministry is all about. They have an active outreach specifically to the homeless in Enid and to our low-income populations. Emmanuel Enid has taken on a partnership with Forgotten Ministries in ministering to the needs at the New View apartments and the Marshallese population living there.

English as a Second Language

As an outreach to our community, we offer English as a Second Language every Tuesday evening. We have a number of people from other cultures—Hispanic, Marshallese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more—who desire to learn English to be able to function better in day-to-day life. Tutors only have one requirement: the ability to converse in English! Missionaries around the world have found that teaching English is one of the easiest ways to open the door for sharing the Gospel with those in need.

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