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We're glad you're here!

We say this every week, but we truly want you to know that God loves you and we do too! Maybe you have some questions about when to show up, what to wear, where to go... we'd love to answer those for you!

When To Show Up 

We meet every Sunday morning, in person at 2505 W Owen K Garriott Road, or online right here on the web! We have two Sunday morning services. Our Bridge service takes place at 9am. This service is a blended worship style, with anthems of our faith from past and present. In this service you will get to worship along with our praise team, choir and orchestra. Our Refuge service takes place at 11am. This service is a more modern worship style, with a full band and worship team. We also have a host of Community Groups that take place on Sunday morning. You can find more information on those groups here


What to Wear 

This one is entirely up to you! We have people come in three-piece suits and people in t-shirts with shorts. As long as the essentials are covered, whatever is comfortable for you is great with us! 


Where to Go 

When you get to our parking lot, enter through the west side Worship Center doors, located under the awning. A Host Team member will be there to greet you and help you find your way around the building!


What About My Kids? 

For babies, we have nursery and preschool classes during our 9am service, 10am community groups, and 11am service! For elementary aged kids, we have two kids services- one at 9am, one at 11am, and small group classes in between at 10am! Learn more about E2 Kids here.

For students grades 6-12, we have Small Groups from 10am-11am in the Connect Space. (The Connect Space is located on the second floor on the south side of the church). You can learn more about our Student Ministry here.



Should you have any questions about your visit to Emmanuel, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by calling the front office, emailing us, or sending us a DM on social media! We can't wait to meet you.

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