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Niger, West Africa

Our Emmanuel teams have focused on water well drilling, medical, administration, and radio development primarily through the years. The HIS Niger ministry also has ministry/programs for education (children education as well as discipleship of youth and adults). Besides the Radio station, there is now also a TV station, health clinics, and the Kollo Woman and Children's clinic. Evangelism and church planting are the primary focus.

Land Mass: Slightly less than 2 times the size of Texas
Bordered By: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Libya, Mali, Nigeria; Land locked
Climate: Hot, desert, tropical in the extreme south
Arable Land: 4%, 80% of its land is in the Sahara Desert
Government: 1st free election in 1993 after 35 years under France; coups in 1996 and 1999; Dec. 1999 a transition to civilian rule that lasted for 10 years, then a military coup in 2009, followed by civilian rule since 2010
Religion: Muslim-99%– rest Christian & tribal animism
Ethnicity: Over 8 tribal groups
Population: 25,252,722 in 2021
Under 5 Mortality Rate: 8%
Average Life Exp.: 62.79 years
Age Structure: 0-14 49.2%
15-64 48.1%
65+ 2.7%

HIV Infection Rate: less than 1%
Total Adult Literacy in 2005: 28.7%
Primary School Enrollment: 29.3% (in 1997)
% Using Clean Water: 59%
% Using Good Sanitation: 20%

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History of Hosanna Institute of the Sahel

Yacouba Seydou from Niger and his wife, Renate, from Germany met in 1996 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. They married in 1999 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Later Yacouba received an audible and direct call from the Lord in a vision, “Will you go to Niger for Us? Niger needs help!” The Lord led them to Enid, Oklahoma, where He directed them step by step with specific instructions on how to fulfill this vision for Him.

· Hosanna Institute of the Sahel (HIS) was registered as an organization in the USA. Yacouba’s first trip back to Niger was sponsored by Emmanuel Enid Church in Oklahoma.
· Sarah born in Enid, Oklahoma

· During a famine in Niger, Yacouba, with the support of several churches in Enid, OK, returned to Niger to distribute millet grain to the neediest: widows, orphans and the disabled in the region of Kollo.

· Yacouba, Renate and Sarah (2 years old) moved to Niger and registered HIS as an association in Niger.

· After meetings with local people for Bible studies and fellowship in the Seydou’s home, Hosanna Church in Niamey was born.

· First vision teams from Helfende Haende (Helping Hands), Germany, and a group from Oklahoma (two medical doctors, mission pastor, and an engineer) visited the ministry.
· Levi was born in the US.

· During a famine, three partners [OBI (Operation Blessing International), CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) and Humedica] joined as partners with Hosanna in Niger.

· Land for a clinic in Kollo was purchased by Helfende Haende, Germany.
· 17 food banks were established in the Diagourou area through OBI.
· Land in Sarando was purchased for agricultural projects and well drilling projects in collaboration with Emmanuel Enid Church and Helfende Haende Germany.

· A women’s center was established where training was offered in sewing, microenterprises and housecleaning.
· The boutique “Souvenir Niger” opened to help local artisans with training and employment.
· Property was bought for an outreach center in Kollo.

· The Kollo Women and Children’s Clinic was inaugurated.
· Outreach centers in Madaoua and Maradi were started.

· Property in Fillengue, Tababelas, Abalak, and Maradi was purchased for outreach centers.

· A guesthouse in Niamey was purchased.
· HIS Germany was incorporated.
· In partnership with Alpensolar, Germany, 33 additional food banks were established in very remote rural areas.

· Radio and TV license was granted.
· Ethnic activity centers in Niamey were established within the Hosanna Church in Niamey to help new believers with bible studies in their own languages.
· Long-term missionaries Anne Lise and Rasmus Djuve with family from Norway, joined the ministry in Niger to serve with children’s education.

· A building was purchased for HIS Niger in Niamey, as a headquarters for the ministry and the Radio and TV station Fidelite.
· An education fund was initiated to help support orphans and children of underprivileged parents to be able to continue education.

· A new Radio/TV tower was constructed at Hosanna and Fidelite headquarters through the donation of a private partner and the oversight of a missionary friend with IMB (International Mission Board).
· Medical and well drilling teams from the USA continued to visit and reinforce local capacity.

· Long-term missionaries Jonas and Gabi Vetter and family joined the ministry in Niger.

· HIS was incorporated as a local NGO (non-government organization) in Niger.
· Niger Government handed leadership of a center for disabled people in Maradi (serves close to 1000 individuals) to HIS Niger.
· A partnership with DRW (Dominikus Ringeisen Werk, Germany) was established to support the operational cost of the center.

· HIS USA, Help for Brothers, HIS Germany, and friends of the ministry helped equip, train and financially support the development of the Radio and Television station. Plans to complete the TV studio began in collaboration with friends from Germany.

· Div and Eleanor DuPlessis with Ethos Ministry from South Africa, joined the team in Niger. Together with Jonas Vetter they planned and built the Discipleship Training Center in Sarando to help train and disciple local workers that have the potential to multiply themselves.
· In partnership with Remember Niger, SIM Niger, and partners in Sweden, the primary school “Ecole Espoire” in Maradi was established, focusing on children of the disabled and handicapped children.

· Arrival of Fabian, German development worker with CFI (Christian Professionals International), to support Fidelite with training of media personnel.
· Arrival of long-term missionaries Kyle and Danae Schmidt from USA with Multiply Network.

· A nutrition center, a small surgery bloc and pharmacy at the Kollo Medical Center were completed, to expand services and work towards sustainability.
· Construction and finishing began for 2 large TV studios at Fidelite, which will increase capacity for the production of educational television.

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